デュラモビは、 Shenzhen Gomtel Science&Technology Co.,Ltd.の、duraMOBIブランドの事業部門です。業務用モバイルターミナル、業務用スマートフォン、ウェアラブル機器などのハイエンド端末の開発、製造、販売に特化し、世界中のお客様が生産性を向上させ、コストを削減し、高ROIを実現するため、安価で堅牢なモバイルターミナル、ハンディターミナルの開発、製造、販売では6年以上の経験を有しています。 デュラモビは、高度な技術とワールドワードな販売ネットワークにより、 ホテル、レストラン、物流、小売、倉庫、運輸、医療、フィールドサービスなど、世界中のさまざまな業界のお客様に、高性能なモバイル端末を提供しています。 親会社 ブランド事業部...



  • Humbir speaker
    Humbir speaker

    HUMBIRD SPEAKER: The Smallest Bone Conduction Speaker A uniquely compact and convenient bone conduction speaker with powerful and amazing sound and a beautiful design 宣 Transforms anything hollow into a speaker, at any time HumBird Speaker is the world’s smallest and most versatile bone conduction speaker that allows you to have a different but always spectacular experience of sound anywhere, in any context. Transforms anything hollow Into a speaker, at any time Hear Everything Around You HumBird Speaker allows you to listen to music, follow podcasts, have individual phone conversations or conference calls, and even enjoy an amazing experience of the sound of your games, videos or films played on your device.  Using a cutting-edge bone conduction technology, HumBird Speaker delivers a high sound volume, being 4 to 5 times louder than the average cell phone speakers' volume, reaching up to 115db, and it allows you to personalize the tone quality. Be Blown Away by True Wireless Stereo If you use you use two HumBird Speakers interconnected, you can have a Surround Sound 2.0 experience since this innovative Bluetooth-enabled device is also TWS-enabled.  Different Surfaces, Different Sounds HumBird uses bone conduction technology to offer you a DIY customizable experience of sound. You can test and enjoy different sounds—almost as if different instruments are used. Place It on top of different surfaces such as a guitar, a kraft box, a plastic storage box, photo frames, sports helmet or even dashboards can provide you varying of sound effects.  In the same way, the following elements generate the following sound effects: Portable and lightweight Along with having an extremely beautiful design, HumBird Speaker is extremely compact. In fact, it only has 40 mm of diameter and it weighs as little as 35 grams , being only slightly larger than a coin. You can take it in your wallet, pocket or even hung around your neck in a necklace or in a keychain. Everything has its own sounds Adopting bone conduction technology and moving coil acoustic technology, Humbird Speaker turns sound into a mechanic vibration of different frequencies, leveraging the effects of the different materials on top of which it is placed and used. Its vibrations produce a truly original, variable and customizable collection of sounds through self-vibration. Everything has its own sound, how many sounds did you discover by now? Enjoy the Radio Tunes, Everywhere Radio is timeless and it’s the kind of company that you don’t want to do without. Whether it is to listen to music selections played by your favorite hosts or to listen to the thoughts and facts shared on your favorite shows, HumBird’s wireless FM radio ensures that you can enjoy your favorite radio tunes everywhere. Made for Tasteful Pioneers Due to its aesthetically remarkable and compact design as well as to its impressive features, HumBird speaker is the perfect choice for tasteful pioneers who want to come first as early technology adopters with a strong appreciation for smart design. Made for Tasteful Pioneers Type C charging port Get 80% of power in 15 min Get full charge in 30 minutes High voltage and capacity battery in 400 mah for 3 hours working time Case made with robust aviation aluminum alloy with shine CD pattern;

    Humbir speaker
  • Portable Translator
    Portable Translator

    Portable Translator
  • スマートウォッチ

    スマートウォッチは、情報処理能力を持ち、スマートウェアラブル機器の一種である時計の基本的な技術要件に適合した時計です。 スマートウォッチには注意喚起、ナビゲーション、キャリブレーション、ヘルスケアモニタリング、インタラクションなどの機能があり、指示の時間外には防水が必要です。

  • ハンディターミナル


  • Smallest Bone Conduction Speaker-Humbird speaker 2019-06-24 Smallest Bone Conduction Speaker-Humbird speaker

    HUMBIRD SPEAKER: The Smallest Bone Conduction Speaker It turns anything into a speaker We are excited to offer you up to 34% Off to get HumBird Speaker. HumBird Speaker Super Early Bird: $19.9 (Limited to 200 units, free ship...

  • Portable Translator C500 launched 2019-02-11 Portable Translator C500 launched

  • MWC上海でのduraMOBI NB-IOTヒースケアスマートウォッチ 2018-06-28 MWC上海でのduraMOBI NB-IOTヒースケアスマートウォッチ

    MWC上海でのduraMOBI NB-IOTヒースケアスマートウォッチ 6月27日、上海新国際博覧センターで、3日間にわたる2018年のモバイル世界大会(上海)が開かれました NBに従う - IOTの商業動向、duraMOBIは最初のNBを開発しました - IOT健康時計Q5、中国モバイルの代表製品である中国モバイルブースのNB-IOTアプリケーション、メディアと顧客からの注目。 【Q5スマートヘルスウォッチ】 【Q5紹介】...

  • デュラモビR&D経営会議 2018-05-02 デュラモビR&D経営会議

    duraMOBI R& D経営会議 4月28日の午後、R& D管理会議で企業育成戦略の必要性に対応して、趙肇星(R& D)経営幹部を務めた。R& Dセンターの全レベルのリーダーと、 第二に、研究と開発の態度と良心の観点から、趙氏は仕事のために働かないことを常に望んでいるが、彼自身の研究開発の方向性と目標を明確に定義し、研究と技術の向上を続けている。 同氏は、このルールを評価評価指数の1つとして採用し、従業員と寛大な賃金インセンティブを支払い、公正かつ公正に達成し、...


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